I Need Inspiration

Life getting you down? Are your dreams and goals sliding away? Have you given up on them?

Let’s take a step back and look at what we’re dealing with here.

You want a certain life but you’re not there, yet. You’re at point A but want to be at point Z. You know or have an idea of how to get there but you’re not moving. What do you do?

There are two ways to get moving. You either need a push or something to pull you in the right direction. What it comes down to is inspiration and desperation.


Inspiration will pull you toward the life you want to create. It will give you the energy and enthusiasm to take the steps necessary to achieve your dreams.

Reading a book, listening to a sermon, watching a show/movie, talking to a friend, seeing the sunset, experiencing a new born baby, any of these things can inspire you to do more with your life. Be open to receiving inspiration. There are even sites like Beliefnet and Motivationburst.com that have tons of quotes and resources to help inspire you.


Desperation will push you toward the life you want, or more precisely, push you away from the life you don’t want.

Many people have turned their entire life around because they hit a point where enough was enough. Once you hit rock bottom, you’ll realize you have nothing to lose. Fear is no longer an issue because the worst that can happen has already happened.

You decide that you no longer want to continue living a life of survival and desperation where you merely eek your way through life. Because of this need to get as far away from this mediocre life as possible, you finally decide to get your life together.

Whichever One Works

You can become inspired or you can become desperate. It really doesn’t matter which situation you use to create change in your life as long as you’re making positive change.

Life can seem long or short depending on what you’re focused on and what you’re going through but one thing is certain and that is once today is gone, it’s never coming back again. The time you have left on this planet is minimal so it’s time to make your mark.

Fear of failure or looking foolish are things only people who think they are immortal should worry about. In the end, most people don’t care and eventually, everyone will forget, especially if you end up being successful at what you set out to do.

Whatever it is you want your life to be, whatever it is you want to experience, start making progress today.

Seek out inspiration or visualize the life you absolutely want to avoid as becoming more and more real as each day passes in order to wake you up and spur you into action to do everything possible to prevent it from becoming a reality.

People will help you along the way but most of the work will have to come from you. This is your one and only life. Make it count.