An Inspirational Video About Not Giving Up

Check out this inspirational video:

Two things came to mind when I saw this video. The first is how most people would’ve reacted if they were in the same situation. I’m not talking about being in a race but about being knocked down. Many people when dealt with a setback will simply give up. What’s the point in trying when things seem impossible?

As the video showed, sometimes, even when it seems pointless to continue, you just never know until you try. The runner went from staying ahead of her competition to running as if her life depended on it. How many people can get up after a setback with even more determination than before things went bad?

The other thing that came to my mind is the fact that she had the potential to destroy her competition. Within each of us lies a ball of potential that is far greater than most of us can imagine. If we only knew what we were capable of if we gave it our all, we wouldn’t be scared to go after our grandest dreams.

Most people operate at a level far below their potential and it’s mainly due to not knowing any better. How many people have really pushed themselves to their limits at anything in life? Can you imagine the accomplishments that would be possible if most people tested their limitations on a consistent basis?

It is said that we humans only use 10% of our brain power. Movies such as Limitless took this idea and ran with it. As interesting as the movie makes this so called fact, science has proven this to be a myth; we all use most of our brain power.

However, when it comes to performance, most people operate at less than half of what they are truly capable of doing. A few days at this lower level won’t do much but a lifetime of doing this… think about what could’ve been possible.

This isn’t to say you should push yourself to your limits every day, that would be insanely tiresome but what if you just did that once a month? Or, what if you just increased your level of operation by just 10%? Again, a few days of doing this won’t make much of a difference but over the course of a few years or decades… you could literally be living an entirely different life than the life you were going to live.

Too bad there isn’t some way to see how our life would turn out at different levels of operation. Utilizing our potential to the fullest every day may not be possible but at least it’s fun to think of the possibilities if it were. Perhaps a pill similar to NZT like in the Limitless movie, without the side effects… one can dream.